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In times when it’s once again become more important to change the world rather than interpret it, DŸSE deliver music for desire and change. Who else would, anyway? The duo has basically served as the defibrillator for local post hardcore over the last two years and is constantly pushing its own limits and breaking convention in doing so. Whether with "Lieder sind Brüder der Revolution" (Songs are Brothers of the Revolution, 2009), their all-destroying "Das Nation" (2014) or last year's highly celebrated "Widergeburt" (Rebirth/Antibirth): thanks to heavy riffs, venomous vocals and a lust for demolition, Dÿse have reached legend status in recent years, a status that remains unchallenged across Germany's punk landscape that was presumed dead. There isn’t much more we could suggest as to how this two-piece could possibly sound more powerful, dynamic or urgent (than other bands with two or three guitarists and other tricks) – anyone interested in finding out is more than welcome to put on their bicycle helmet and come see their show.

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