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DZ Deathrays

Music / Punk / Brisbane, Australia

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Ever since their debut album Bloodstreams dropped in 2012, dance-punk trio DZ Deathrays have been gaining a cult following in Australia. The project, then a duo, perfectly captured the sound of urban youth Down Under in the 2010s, somewhere between growing up and getting down. By their third album, last year's Bloody Lovely, the Deathrays' highly melodic, stirring hooks had reached audiences in Europe and the United States, and their star hasn't stopped rising since.

A band that manages to add a fresh dance-punk twist to the garage rock revival sound deserves nothing less. Something they're sure to prove at the Reeperbahn Festival with tracks such as the irresistibly catchy "High," the grooving headbanger "Back & Forth," and the spooky epic "Witchcraft, Pt. 2."

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