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Easy October

Music Indie, Folk Sweden

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Easy October is a connection between things that don't fit at first sight. Easiness and autumn melancholia. But this band's fusion works out pretty fine on their current album “Tangled Up In Black“ (Adore Music).

The folk rockers from Gothenburg, Sweden, find peace within roaring guitars combined with melodies from pop. Plus they sound relaxed to the infinite. Of course within their lyrics they deal with the petty bumps of life, that relationships, desires or friendships are bringing. “Keep Calling You My Friend“ for instance is song about the value of friendship. The mastermind of Easy October is Kristofer Hedberg. What nobody knows is that he had written all songs of the debut in advance when back in 2014 he was starting to search for band mates. He gathered some sort of all star band around him, working as a music collective like a sports team clad with substitutes.

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