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Music / Indie / Copenhagen, Denmark

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservation must be made in advance.

Back in 2012 in the Sydney Opera House Efterklang demonstrated that they also know how to stage their dreamy, chamber-orchestral experimental pop in the world’s greatest concert halls. Seven years have passed since then and since the release of their last album Piramida (4AD). But the Danes now return to the stage with new material and are performing an exclusive concert in the Elbphilharmonie as part of Reeperbahn Festival. There the audience can witness the live premiere of their seventh album "Altid Sammen," which will be released in september.

The trio, which are currently based in Copenhagen and Lisbon, will be joined on stage by B.O.X, a Belgian ensemble known for playing new music on centuries-old Baroque instruments. In addition, the concert will also feature a choir made up of the Philharmonie’s staff-an empathetic gesture from Efterklang to show respect to everyone involved in making the wheels turn in a concert hall, including those who are forgotten when the spotlights are turned on.

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