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Music / Indie, Punk / Vancouver, Canada

The 80s are back – not just since yesterday. The hype around the decade in which new production methods turned the music world upside down just can’t be quelled. Even 20-year-old Canadian EKKSTACY has turned to reverberating synths and vocals, the flat aesthetic and melodramatic tonalities of then, using it to create something entirely unique. Marked by personal struggles and deep-rooted upheavals, the music of his debut album “Negative” from last year is an expertly arranged manifesto for our times, full of contradictions and inner turmoil. Formative for EKKSTACY’s style, aside from his biography which entailed many rough patches, was the engulfing music of Elliot Smith and Bon Iver, of Bedroom and The Drums, which has the ability to both heal and crush. So much so, that songs like “it only gets worse, I promise”, or “STILL BREATHING” reveal an inner duality which also remains genially undefined – here, oscillating melancholy and hopefulness, anxiety and bravery are palpable in fluctuating intensities side by side, here, plans for the future are crafted and abandoned the very next moment. A love song like “LOVE” with its acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals stands next to the deep thumping bass of “stupid kids” and you just know: all the ingredients for a truly unexpected talent of the next generation are right there.

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