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Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Austria, Italy

Presented by: Las Vegas Records

What do you desire? Elis Noa ask this question on their debut, and for good reason, since the sound of the Viennese duo is a captivating melange of pop, R&B and electronic beat programming. Always armed with irresistible sex appeal, the two lovers turn this music into something entirely their own. And it doesn’t just work when your own heart has just been broken and thrown away. On the contrary: Elisa Godino’s immensely warming timbre develops over Aaron Hader’s synths time and again into a comforting friend who knows what to say at the right moment. Since 2016, the two have been pursuing a style that usually comes from New York or London but which rarely demonstrates this erotic elegance in terms of songwriting. So, have they proven their point? In a way, yes. At our Festival they will present tracks from their soon-to-be-released new album – guaranteed goosebump material.

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