Ellen Froese

Music / Folk, Singer-Songwriter / Canada

Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

It's in her father’s truck that the young Ellen Froese first discovers her passion for music and makes the decision that she would create music herself, too. She cancels her piano classes in order to teach herself the guitar – with icons like Neil Young, Willie Nelson or Bob Dylan in mind. Americana and bluegrass, folk and the sound of the hippie era influence her not only musically but also in terms of her attitude to life. Because the singer and songwriter has always stayed down to earth, loves playing the small bars of her Saskatchewan home or just shooting the breeze with her friends – and this is quite evident in her music which always stays very personal and approachable, but is characterised by constant development at the same time for that very reason. After highly acclaimed publications like “Fightin’ Words” from 2019, this autumn will see the release of her fourth studio album, on which she once again not only reinvents herself, but rock’n’roll, honkytonk and the psychedelic pop of the 70s as well. How might that sound, you ask? The answers are to be found in Hamburg.

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