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Emilie Zoé

Music / Rock, Singer-Songwriter / Switzerland

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“We stank so badly that people on the train were switching seats to get away from us,” Emilie Zoé and producer Louis Jucker recall at the end of the sessions for their debut album “Dead-End Tape” (2016), which catapulted the Lausanne-born singer-songwriter onto the European DIY music radar. With not much more than a few used amps, a worn-out Aria guitar and her own vocals, Zoé creates a gorgeously atmospheric trip through her inner world. The songs on her new album “Hello Future Me” also bear witness to this. They shimmer in a subtle sepia, are minimalist in style and for that very reason extremely hypnotic. All of it accompanied by her rough, smoky voice and an uncanny instinct for the right dose of repetition. This music has incredible magnetism, especially live, making it impossible to resist.

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