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Music / Indie, Pop / Munich, Germany

Four years ago, Ennio Frankl had already been active in these parts under the moniker Emotional Club and had released singles like “alienboys” which with their reduced but upbeat indie pop perfectly contrasted his rough thinker’s timber. The lyrics spread out across his sounds in English, the sound itself is best described electronic. Today, Ennio takes to the stage using his real name, plays dynamic indie rock and sings in German, which suits his voice a lot more. Whether he's singing about drifting off on the wrong path with delightful self-irony in his song “Blaulicht”, or writing a long overdue cliché-free ode to being in love in “Kippe” – he has found his style precisely and shouldn’t shy away from comparisons with other rough German voices or the grandees of the local indie scene. Especially on stage, Ennio shows undisputable talent for striking up a direct and emotional dialogue with his audience – and he’s coming equipped with some new songs for his first appearance for us.

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