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Esther Graf

Music / Pop / Germany

No fan of superficial blah-blah and small talk, Esther Graf elaborates in her songs on personal experiences as well as realities of life that a whole generation can identify with. Whether it’s settling accounts with an ex in “Red Flags”, the snares of toxic relationships in “Tschau Tschau” or being depressed by a society that threatens to suffocate on its own contradictions as in "sad = sexy" - Esther Graf hits the nerve of Gen Z, not just thematically and lyrically, but also musically. The 24-year-old Austrian takes punk rock from the early 2000s and mashes it with German pop devoid of kitsch or driving hooks in a modern production style. Since 2019, she’s been putting her name up on the boards, having already done so as a songwriter for other artists such as Vanessa Mai, Hava and Selmon. Now she’s taking her own personal artistic vision to a new level on stage too.

Esther Graf will also be a guest at the talk "Musik als Job – Wie mach ich das?"

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