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Faraj Suleiman

Music / Contemporary, Jazz / Palestine

Faraj Suleiman adeptly combines Arabic scales and sounds with Western jazz chords. Flowing transitions from Orient to Occident are audible in the Palestinian pianist's melodies and instrumentation, which often includes bass and oud, the Arabic short-neck lute, giving his compositions the sensual depth of a night in the desert. Each time he interweaves these different traditions, Suleiman displays the brilliance that marks him as one of his country's preeminent contemporary artists.

Where a new generation of musicians is forced to start from scratch in Haifa and Ramallah, the virtuoso is proud to support that movement. Currently focusing his activities on France, Suleiman wowed the audience at the Montreux Jazz Festival with his talent for improvisation and his rare ingenuity. After numerous instrumental albums, this year saw the release of “Second Verse”, Suleiman's first collection of songs, revealing his talent as a vocalist.

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