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Him, a drummer on the lookout for someone to help him write guitar parts. Her, a trained opera singer who coincidentally knows how to play guitar and keyboard. When Jon Fedorsen and Lexie Jay serendipitously meet at a music summer camp, after their first performance it immediately becomes clear that the two would have to work together. First, the duo known as Featurette are active in genres like folk or indie, but they quickly shift toward highly polished and shimmering electropop. “Neither of us could really play the guitar that well, so it made sense to include keyboards and drum machines”, Lexie once said in an interview. Looking back, it was a good decision, because the futuristic tenor of tracks like “White Rabbit” or “The Blame” shows exactly what Featurette evidently do best and what pop music has needed for years – either way, they couldn’t sound more contemporary if they tried.

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