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Federico Albanese

Music Contemporary, Electronic/Live Italy

Presented by: Neue Meister

"Pure gold“, "a magic record“ and "one of the most beautiful albums of modern classic“ – it's rare that the fourth estate is so much in tune with a debut like Federico Albanese's "The Houseboat and the Moon“ (Denovali Records). The Milanese bid his childhood mainly at his piano and with a clarinet. In his youth Albanese committed himself to several rock projects, before being drawn to modern classic as a composer. On his debut he brings together his own subtle piano work with warm string arrangements, furnishing the compositions with electronic splashes.
After a bunch of acclaimed film soundtracks Federico Albanese scored his second solo piece "The Blue Hour“ (Edel Germany) at legendary label Berlin Classics to enrich its "Neue Meister“-series with "The Blue Hours“, an album between classic and ambient that features minimalistic piano playing and dynamic synthesizer arpeggios layered onto an atmospheric miracle. Music for magical hours and also those in front of the stage.

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