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Féfé & Leeroy

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Paris, France

Féfé and Leeroy first met more than 20 years ago. The rappers were both part of the French hip hop supergroup Saian Supa Crew and had worldwide success with hits such as "Angela." When the crew dissolved in 2008, all members pursued solo careers or formed new bands. While Féfé released three successful albums and toured the world, Leeroy got into the music of Bollywood, recorded a tribute album to Fela Kuti, and broke the molds of French rap and chanson by combining the two.

Last year the two were ready to reunite and create a new musical vision from humorous R&B, Francophone hip hop, technically sophisticated freestyle, and exotic influences derived from their Moroccan and Nigerian roots. The result will be released later this year and is called 365 jours. A creative melting pot of an album that will push the envelope yet again—both the cultural and the artistic.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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