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Finn Ronsdorf

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Germany

Presented by: German Music Talent

How we see ourselves is always partly a reflection of how others see us - and vice versa. So are we the product of our society or not? Finn Ronsdorf’s answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. In his songs, the queer singer-songwriter deals with the status quo from a personal point of view, in this context always also with a political, and even philosophical element. This makes “Odes” a debut EP that has the creative weight of an entire album, but also offers moments of unique songwriting with elegies like “Reaching For Cold Hands” or the powerfully smoky gospel take in “Blue”. The slight 22-year-old succeeds again and again in melodic embellishments with remarkable expressiveness, something others would need years or decades of artistic experience under their belt to do. But Ronsdorf makes it all seem so natural, effortlessly shifting between a fragile and raspy timbre, whispering and screaming, all intoning introspection as well as a striptease of the soul. In this multifaceted richness, one of the great vocal talents of our time is emerging.

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