First Hate

Music / Electronic/Live, Pop / Denmark

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As a teenager, Anton Falck Gansted would write cryptic characters in his diary so that no one would ever be able to read it. And yet he had a hidden wish that one day his thoughts might be found and put out into the world. Both also play a key role in the music he has been creating with his buddy Joakim Nørgaard since the mid-2010s. As First Hate, the duo makes catchy yet very distinctive synth pop that combines elements of dance, house and songwriter folk into a mix that is as danceable as it is atmospheric. This synthetic glo-fi, which would be right at home at any high-fashion catwalk show, brilliantly succeeded on their debut album “A Prayer For The Unemployed” (2017). This year, after a long time, the two Copenhagen philosophers are finally releasing the follow-up, “Cotton Candy”, and what do you know: the recipe of this cool, shimmering pop form has undergone a big makeover, which also works brilliantly live.

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