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Flatstock Europe Poster Convention

Arts Visual Arts Austria, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, United States of America, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Turkey

Presented by: American Poster Institute, Awesome Merchandise

A quick look to the left. A furtive glance to the right. No security in sight. Time to act fast. Reach, grab, and that concert poster for your favourite band is in your hot little hands. What a thrill! But ultimately what’ll be hanging on your wall is a poster that’s maybe one of hundreds of thousands that were printed.

A far cry from the posters at the Flatstock Europe Poster Convention, which will be pitching its tents on Spielbudenplatz once again this year. No run-of-the-mill posters here. Instead you’ll find unconventional works created by artists from around the world who are on site to answer your questions. This is silkscreen art at its finest, with posters available in signed, limited editions. Poster nerds, art lovers, and the just plain curious can look forward to a fascinating journey through a world of exploding colours and brash and brainy designs. Rock‘n’roll for the eyes!

Antighost (DE)

Apes of Doom (DE)

Arrache Toi Un Œil (FR)

The Bicycle Press (ES/AT)

Big Baboli Print House (TR)

Boss Construction (US)

Brookesia Studio (DE/ES)

Clockwork Pictures (IT)

Crosshair (US)

Tommy Davidson (UK)

Joris Diks (NL)

Douze (DE)

Luke Drozd (GB)

Giov' (BE)

Grace Helly (DE)

The Impossible Machine (NL)

Lil Tuffy (US)

Simon Marchner Design & Illustration (DE)

Mercadorama (MX)

Methane Studios (US)

Monostereo (ES)

Münster Studios (ES)

My Name is Bri (IT)

Noise Armada (DE/ES)

Mara Piccione (NL)

Sehfeuer (DE)

Señor Burns (DE)

Spiegelsaal (DE)

Wytse Sterk (NL)

Studio Captain (NL)

Subterranean Prints (NO)

Jelle van Gosliga (NL)

Zum Heimathafen (DE)

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