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Vocally slotted somewhere between Lorde and Hayley Williams of Paramore, Fløre’s music celebrates a fascination for the seemingly dark and gloomy, but always with an inherent sparkling magic. Out of this deep-looking observation, her debut single “Flowered Guts” already creates a stirring maelstrom of artful vocoder experiments, throbbing beats and goosebump melodies that will stay in your head for days. And it wasn’t produced in some fancy studio either: Fløre did it herself on an iPad. Not possible, you say? Oh yes it is. The follow-up singles “Bikes”, “Tsunami” or the recently released “Bad Medicine” were also done this way, and reveal an artist not just able to write flawlessly embellished pop, but who wants to tell a story - she says so herself. So far, at least, she’s managed that without a hitch, which bodes well for her first album and also for her first appearance with us.

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