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Fortuna Ehrenfeld

Music / Indie / Cologne, Germany

When they first kicked off their indie pop riot, Fortuna Ehrenfeld declared that coolness was over. Martin Bechler is the founder and leader of the project, with capable support from Jenny Thiele on keyboards and vocals, and Paul Leonard Weißert on drums. At first the two musicians were only meant to join Bechler on stage, but they have since become regular members of the band. They started making a name for themselves in Cologne, and after connecting with the artistic collective Peng! and touring with the band Kettcar, Fortuna Ehrenfeld have become a favorite among indie fans all over Germany.

This is undoubtedly not only thanks to Bechler's clever, husky-voiced post-poetry, but also the spirited style excursions the band embarks on in its music. Nowhere is this more pronounced than on their latest album Helm ab zum Gebet, which opens in an electropop power plant ("Tequila") before the party gets too crowded and moves to the Grand Hotel van Cleef, the German record label of self-deprecating indie philosophers ("Vereinsheim"). Fortuna Ehrenfeld do what they want, and of that, they do a whole lot.

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