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Francis of Delirium

Music / Indie, Rock / Luxembourg

Presented by: Music Moves Europe Awards, Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg

Although she had spent her childhood growing up in Canada, Belgium and Switzerland, Jana Bahrich chose Luxembourg as her home a while ago. Despite – or perhaps because of – the idyllic landscapes of the central European dwarf state, the music she creates with her band colleague Chris Hewett is a rather contemplative, almost existential mixture of contemporary indie rock, Midwest emo and charming songwriter affectations away from the mainstream. The last two years in particular have shown the duo just how many social and material things we take for granted in our daily lives – and how shook it leaves us when they are taken away. On their 2021 EP "Wading", the two had started dissecting these thoughts with raw, authentic songs under the name Francis of Delirium. Now, their follow-up "The Funhouse" from this year picks up where they left off in a similar way and once again gifts us a bittersweet score for these crazy times

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