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For Anna Friedberg things always seem to happen very quickly. As a solo artist, she uploads her songs to MySpace just to go on tour with artists like Lenny Kravitz and James Blunt shortly afterwards. That was more than a decade ago. The two albums that followed netted her several awards and put her on the map in the UK and Austria. In order to find herself artistically, she goes off grid in the mid-2010s, rents an Airbnb in the Californian hinterland and begins experimenting. The resulting material she takes with her to London, within just a couple of weeks finds three like-minded musicians, forms the band Friedberg and releases her first EP "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" last year. Electronically amplified indie pop boasting serious disco qualities on tracks like "Lizzy", or putting a cowbell in the spotlight on the catchy tune "Midi 8", is what this all-female combo with the cheeky attitude of a garage band are here for. Everything happens spontaneously and without restraint, with the courage to be extravagant – this gives Friedberg’s sound the momentum for a serious breakthrough. And as usual: considering these women, it’ll probably happen quickly.

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