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Gato Preto

Music / Electronic/Live, Global / Düsseldorf, Germany

Presented by: German Music Talent

Africa is rising—and producer Lee Bass and MC Gata Misteriosa have the right soundtrack for the occasion. The duo joined forces in Düsseldorf in western Germany in 2011, but has Ghanaian and Mozambican roots, respectively. And they're fiercely adept at blending these different cultural influences together: Their mix of pulsating favela funk, South African Kwaito, and the exuberant rhythms of kuduro conjures up a giddy intensity Western music traditions simply can't keep up with.

When Gato Preto bring their Afrofuturist samples and pulsating bass lines, smoky clubs in Accra and Maputo are within reach, but also the neon-lit streets of Lissabon. They weave all the threads together into a tapestry of joyous excess. Gata Misteriosa spits highly memorable punch lines in Portuguese slang that zip like verbal bullets over beats too wild to dance them out of your system: Time to tear the roof off.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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