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With an optimistic mindset and an address in the upscale neighborhood of eighties retromania, Theis Vesterløkke and Niels Fejrskov Juhl are passionate programmers of synthesizers, drum machines, and sweet memories.

The duo's stripped-down electropop seduces listeners of all kinds with sentimental melodies and quenches their thirst for the old days, perfectly tailored to foggy disco nights or a convertible ride into the sunset. Juhl's crooning vocals are reminiscent of many sonorous vocalists from the decade of carrot-fit jeans and neon geometry, and may even lead some to assume that Dave Gahan has rediscovered old strengths. But that would not only be wishful thinking, it would also fail to do the Copenhagen spa pop of Gents justice. The signature sound they present on their debut "Human Connection," due out this fall, is more artful tribute than mere nostalgia, more progress than retrospection.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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