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Music / Pop / London, United Kingdom

As a child, Georgia Barnes was fascinated with the aggressive, rugged raps of Missy Elliott as well as the legendary producer's highly stylized approach to her music and videos. This has audibly shaped Barnes' own sound, which playfully blends hip hop, electropop, grime, and alternative R&B. For some years, the drummer and close friend of Kate Tempest has been growing her following on major streaming platforms.

Predictions of a bright future in the industry seem more than apt considering rhythmic, pulsating tracks such as "Move Systems," or the retro esthetic found in "About Work The Dancefloor." More than four years have passed since her debut Georgia, so she is likely to captivate her audience with exciting fresh material at the Reeperbahn Festival. The single "Started Out" has provided us with a sneak peek at the cool sounds to come.

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