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Ghostly Kisses

Music / Pop, Singer-Songwriter / Canada

When Margaux Sauvé starts singing, it’s as though time stands still. The French-Canadian singer-songwriter with the emphatically breathy timbre knows how to write songs that weightlessly slide into your ear and immediately cause goose bumps. Her breath sweeps over melodies so full of longing wanting to be fulfilled, yet perpetually falling short. It has to be like this, because the power of Sauvé's music lies exactly in this desire for more, for tomorrow, for an ever-unfulfilled longing, which she has so eloquently been translating into sounds and words as Ghostly Kisses ever since her eponymous debut in 2019. A debut where art pop blossomed into scenarios ripe for cinema, where nuances of chamber music and deep house lend a contrasted beauty to songs like “Empty Note” or “Heartbeat”, which work equally well as the soundtrack to the start or the end of a life changing love. With her new album “Heaven, Wait”, she has not only repeated this delicate feat, but has once again subjected it to a skilful refinement.

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