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Gianni Mae

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Germany, Netherlands Antilles

Presented by: German Music Talent, Backspin

Three years ago, Gianni Mae was rocking the Dutch music business with pumping beats and drops as half of the duo Junglebae. It was the pressure of that very music business that eventually caused the two to part ways: Neither of them were willing to swap their creative vision for revealing outfits.

Now Gianni Mae is uncompromising in the pursuit of that vision, and with the Broke Boys as her producers, she sounds fresher and more confident than ever. She burst back onto the scene this year with her “Saucy” EP and the single “Killin Em”, giving all the haters what for and even using her (current) relative lack of fame to her advantage. If a woman can buck the weight of the past and reinvent herself, that's also a form of empowerment – and Gianni has the energy to bring it from the studio to the stage.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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