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Gisbert zu Knyphausen & Kai Schumacher

Music / Singer-Songwriter / Germany

The pianist Kai Schumacher regularly invites big names of the German music business to the Mercatorhalle concert hall in his hometown of Duisburg in order to interpret old and new works with him. His latest collaboration sees him translating the well-tempered pathos of Franz Schubert into the 21st century with the singer-songwriter Gisbert zu Knyphausen from Hamburg. From “Winterreise”, completed in 1827, to the collection of songs “Schwanengesang”, the two delve into the extensive oeuvre of “the 19th century’s first singer-songwriter” and engage the spirit of his weltschmerz, which has lost none of its stirring power, in an introspective dialog. Schumacher’s instrumental Schubert arrangements for piano and string quartet make their way into the program, as do Gisbert zu Knyphausen’s original songs – a journey through 200 years of German songwriting tradition.

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