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Music / Indie, Punk / Dublin, Ireland

Colleagues, roommates and best friends: the five guys that make up Gurriers are a well-oiled machine that knows what it wants and doesn’t accept any compromises. Formed in Dublin during the pandemic, the five-piece evolved from a no-name project into one of the most interesting acts to be born out of Ireland's hugely vibrant post punk scene in a matter of just two years. Reverberating guitars, epic melodies and vocals bursting with snotty self-confidence bind Gurriers’ song writing into a fulminant sound that was basically created for those nights where the sweat’s literally dripping off the walls. Unsurprisingly, the Irish Times and BBC Radio 6 are spreading serious hype for this combo – raw like a butcher’s cut is how they describe their sound, and just as fresh, yet sharp enough to revive your dull knife. May sound flowery, but we’re not kidding: songs like “Top of the Bill” or the amazingly noisy “Boy” prove that this band’s sound will light even the most desolate village pub on fire. So don’t dress too warmly when they hit Hamburg.

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