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Gus Englehorn

Music / Indie, Rock / Canada, United States of America

Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

Gus Englehorn isn’t your run of the mill, everyday songwriter with basic heartbreak lyrics. The song maker from Alaska eludes the clichés and templates of a guild overflowing with average quality tear jerkers that do what they do just because that’s what always elicits a reaction and the new Nick Drake is nowhere to be seen just yet. Instead, Englehorn ventures out of the comfort zone of usual indie folklore with his sometimes off-beat and sometimes unexpectedly accurate style to create something unique. His debut “Death & Transfiguration” (2020) was already a testament to the will of the 34-year-old eccentric, who was a professional snowboarder in his earlier life, to extend past the norm and create dark dada folk in which he transforms trash, trips and dreams like some sort of sorcerer. Or like a “Dungeon Master” (2022) – at least that’s how he seemingly views himself on his latest coup. On the one hand drenched in crazy enjoyment of playing, on the other shaded by ominous poetry emanating from the unconscious, Englehorn moves on a plane of his own – and is thus well on the way to becoming an icon of modern, independent rock and folk music.

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