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Music / Punk, Electronic/Live / Reykjavík, Iceland

When HATARI took part into the Eurovision Song Contest for Iceland this year, they also kicked off the next stage of their revolt against the current neoliberal decline of society. Founded in cold Reykjavik in 2015, the BDSM trio with its leather masks, hard techno beats, and unwavering rebellious spirit reflects the ugly truth that we have arrived at in the 21st century. Capital is devouring all matter and all humans on the planet and spitting them out again as garbage and machines.

HATARI have understood that there's no point in trying to respond to such madness with friendly, hopeful songs. We need a pulsating drive to dance and focused rage, captured in tracks like the furious "Spillingardans", so that we can have some hope of standing strong against perversions such as the all-consuming importance of profit. Whether in bondage and techno clubs or on festival stages, this arctic menace comes with enough musical dynamite to bring the heat to any stage.

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