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As a globetrotter and wanderer, hockey player and tattoo artists, Henric Beckenäs Nielsen has seen a lot in his life. And those who have seen a lot also have a lot to tell. For years, he travelled the USA in a truck, did tattoo work for studios of friends and wrote songs even though he could barely strum more than a couple of chords on the guitar. While he was initially better known for the art he eternalised onto people’s skins, the tides turned in 2020 when his debut “Grand Opening” came out. A collection of songs akin to a personal diary, in which Nielsen follows the Americana aesthetic but infuses Swedish songwriter folk, post rock elements and indie vibes into his style as well. The results will elicit a variety of moods, can make you laugh or cry, out of joy or sadness – but always characterised by a great understanding for the shoals of life. Storytelling truly is a gift of Nielsen's which he knows to translate into reduced yet incredibly potent song writing. And for this, he is rightly regarded to be stepping into the shoes of artists like Neil Young or Bonnie Prince Bully.

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