© Brage Pedersen

Heave Blood & Die

Music / Heavy Metal, Rock / Oslo, Norway

Although they hail from the far north, from the Norwegian Tromsø more precisely, Heave Blood & Die sound neither particularly frosty nor sparse. Quite the opposite. The five-piece have been vowing listeners with an organic and sonically rich interpretation of stoner metal and post punk with skilfully interwoven doom elements ever since their self-titled debut album from 2016, which even a Justin K. Broadrick would respectfully acknowledge with a nod of the head. Their album “Post People” from last year is an epic swan song to the human species that has painted itself into an evolutionary corner from which there is seemingly no way out. The tenor of songs like “Radio Silence” or “Continental Drifting” is respectively dark and coarse, yet at the same time guitar, bass and keyboard are densely arranged and played with a great sensibility for melodic progression. Within minutes this will have cinematic scenarios appearing in front of the inner eye, ready to cast a deep spell on those willing to really give it a listen. On stage or in the studio – a real treat.

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