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Music / Indie / London, Melbourne, Australia

After enduring one of the longest lockdowns in the world, Luke Scott, Rory Trobbiani and his sister Lilli were ready for life. As HighSchool, the Melbourne trio had found each other and had raised their mix of post-punk, coldwave and gothic rock to maturity. The already sombre atmosphere of their music was naturally amplified by months of isolation, resulting in songs like "Frosting" and "Sirens" on which wistful escapism rises to become the main protagonist of HighSchool's sound – and that's a damn good thing. After all, hardly any release of recent years has sounded more woozy or bittersweet than their debut EP "Forever At Last" (2021), especially among those emanating from sun-drenched Australia. The trio builds an occult dream world in the audience’s minds, plastered with a plethora of symbols and metaphors, and then gratifyingly loses itself in it – something best observed live on stage.

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