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Music / Indie, Electronic/Live / Hamburg, Germany

The music of Eva and Philipp Milner is inspired by the worldly as much as the otherworldly, the dreamlike and surreal. In 2008 the siblings created the perfect formula for artful pop that conjures up atmospheres you could cut with a knife: Hundreds. At times their sound feels warm and mysteriously euphoric ("What Remains"), at other times it is permeated by cool melancholy ("Stones"). Albums such as "Aftermath" and "Wilderness" whisk blissful listeners away to deep and beautiful forests of sound, made up of ambient, pop, and indietronica.

Eva and Philipp explore novel sonic worlds and work with craftspeople and artists to create an audiovisual work of art that passes through the body, leaving each fiber fascinated. Ten years after their first album and four years after their last record, 2020 will see the release of the latest chapter in the duo's story—but before that, they will treat us to a first glimpse at Reeperbahn Festival.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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