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Hunney Pimp

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Austria

Presented by: Ditto Music

Hunney Pimp says dancing has always been her thing, so she'd likely be performing in musicals now—if not for the constant stream of beats and lyrics she's come up with since the age of 15, and if back then, her sister hadn't been heavily into Eminem. Luckily, those are only ifs. Since then she's evolved into a major asset of Alpine hip hop together with her producer Melonoid.

After moving from Upper Austria to Vienna to kick-start her career a few years ago, she became a streaming success with her debut album Schmetterlinge—but kept both feet firmly on the ground. "I live on the edge; I just want to sort of get by", she once said in an interview. "I could also imagine life as a street performer". Someone who stays so laid-back and has no need for material excesses is likely to remain true to themselves. And that's how you develop a style that's real and original.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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