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Music Pop, R'n'B/Soul France, Cuba

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Ibeyi is Yoruba language meaning "twins". The name suits perfectly to the eponymous French-Cuban duo, for Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz are twins. Musically speaking, a lot of Yoruba rhythms have flowed into the versatilely Cuban folk music. The songs of Ibeyi contain percussive ritual elements Naomi is using when playing cajón. The sisters had a great musical teacher and ancestor: their dad Angá Diaz used to be the percussionist for The Buena Vista Social Club. The music of Ibeyi features elements of soul, hip hop, synthie pop and afro cuban.

To date the sisters have released two albums: the debut "Ibeyi" was followed by "Ash" in 2017. The rootsy songs have got a lot of soul but also political statements. "Deathless" is sort of a protest song, being inspired by a racist attack that than teenage Lisa-Kaindé suffered in the Parisian metro: while still 16 she got arrested just because of her skin colour. "No Man Is Big Enough For My Arms" on the other hand is a feminist manifesto, wherein a Michelle Obama quotation roams: the measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls. And they also want their hypnotic title track "Ash" to be understood politically. "It is embodying the state of the world. We are on the verge of burning out, but ash can also act in a positive way, as a fertilizer." After their intimate debut in Germany at Reeperbahn Festival 2014 at the Imperial Theater they return as celebrated stars.

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