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Ida Kudo

Music Electronic/Live Denmark

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How to develop an artistic identity outside the confines of the usual pop tropes? Ida Kudo has been showing how since 2015—and she's done so with resounding success. Back then, "Icy Icy" was one of the most idiosyncratic debut singles that European pop had seen in a long time. What followed was equally impressive: first the brilliantly buzzing mirror-ball pop of "Disco," then the upbeat earworm "Jinx," and finally last year's outstanding Gold EP, with a title track that demolishes any lingering doubts in Ida Kudo's genius.

Playfully blending her Japanese and Danish roots into a wild hybrid, she defies mainstream uniformity without losing even a fraction of her pop appeal. The multi-talented artist demonstrates this independence on stage in eccentric and self-assured performances that reveal why Björk and Missy Elliott are not only her influences, but kindred spirits.

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