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A rock band that uses synthesizers instead of guitars and is influenced by Pantera and The Doors just as much as it is by Daft Punk and Justice? Easy! Welcome to the world of Idiotape. The trio consisting of Dguru, Zeze and DR shot off on a career with their debut EP "0805" (2010), which previously hadn’t been witnessed in South Korea. Their album "11111101", which released a year later, not only snatched the award for "Best Dance & Electronic Album" at the Korean Music Awards, but also pushed them into international music territory. A US tour and festival shows at SXSW and Glastonbury followed, as well as a show at Fusion festival and the opening spot for Fatboy Slim at Global Gathering Korea. In the meantime, they’ve been polishing their original and freaky mix of synthwave, dance punk and pop appeal to perfection on their albums "Tours" (2014) and "Dystopian" (2017), staying constantly focused on high-energy production and maximum danceability. So, when they come to perform for us, you better get loose.

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