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Music / Pop / Bergen, Norway

Minimalist pop has found a new voice in cool Scandinavia. Vilde Iris Hartveit Kolltveit, a.k.a. iris, is 22 years old and has earned her spot next to established pop stars such as Aurora and Sigrid in Made Management's roster. That this Norwegian breeding ground for talent set its sights on iris should come as no surprise to anyone who's heard her first single "from inside a car."

En elven falsetto in crystal-clear production, stripped down to the absolute basics in order to go deep under your skin and stay there for a long time. The Norwegian delivers such beautiful melodies with her unobtrusive timbre, laid over subtle beats and shimmering synthesizer sounds, that the result becomes utterly memorable. She sings of city life and isolation, but also of encounters and stories in her journey as an artist. And despite her stage fright, she also manages to convey those stories on stage.

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