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Ishmael Ensemble

Music / Jazz, Electronic/Live / Bristol, United Kingdom

Pete Cunningham is a very busy man. Not unlike Max Graef and Floating Points, the artist moves beyond the confines of categories such as "producer," "DJ," or "jazz musician." As a saxophonist, synthesizer aficionado and sound tinkerer, Cunningham played his live shows single-handedly for years, until he became aware of the ways his music might benefit from several sets of hands—and several brains.

With a handful of friends, he founded Ishmael Ensemble, a band that has been growing in importance within the much-lauded UK jazz revival. Together with groups such as Shabaka and The Ancestors and The Comet Is Coming, they play at the forefront of Britain's new generation of brilliant envelope-pushers. High time we welcomed them to Hamburg.

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