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Music / Electronic/Live, Global / Istanbul, Turkey

Already back when Istanbul was Constantinopel, Orient and Occident met on the banks of the Bosporus and pushed cultural achievements to their pinnacle. Under his alias Islandman, the young producer and musician Tolga Böyük proves that this is still the case. With wonderfully light arrangements that make use of flutes, guitars, percussion, and funky beats, his debut Rest in Space delivered blissful instrumental tracks for the hottest time of year.

Tracks such as "Night Wind" or "Siekleos" sound as though the multi-instrumentalist is inventing a new genre—one that sounds exotic, playful, mysterious, but also carefully balanced. It's Turkish folklore, youthful modernity, and artistic finesse all in the same breath. And upon listening to the track "Dimitro" with its psychedelic background to a women's choir, it becomes obvious that Islandman is reaching milestones on his musical journey.

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