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Ivan Skanavi & Joel Blido

Music / Classical / Germany, Russian Federation

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The German-Russian duo consisting of the young cellists Joel Blido and Ivan Skanavi is more talented than anyone their age should have a right to. One is only 19, the other isn't much older at 22. But both already know how to work their instrument on a level fit for international stardom.

They met in the class of Prof. Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt. When Ivan started his bachelor's studies at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar in 2017, Joel had been studying and playing there for two years. They had what it took to become friends, but also the musical grandeur to work together professionally. And so they followed up on their solo prizes and awards with a big career as a duo. At Reeperbahn Festival, connoisseurs of classical music can enjoy the fruits of that collaboration.

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