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James TW

Music / Singer-Songwriter, Pop / London, United Kingdom

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Nobody could have guessed that Shawn Mendes would make James Taylor-Watts an over-night YouTube star, only one year after he self-released his first EP Just a Number in 2014. Since then, songs such as "Black & Blue," "When You Love Someone," and "You & Me" have been streamed millions of times and netted the newcomer appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Mendes' European tour.

Outrageously intimate lyrics are conveyed through vocal lines full of hope and euphoria, but always with a knack for that strange melancholy that says it can console and soothe you in sad times. These pop gems from James TW sound so honest and approachable that even the cool-blooded will find themselves thawing and, yes, melting a little.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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