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Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

Sometimes an unwanted change of scenery can have surprisingly positive after-effects. When Jeremy Haywood-Smith started recording his first songs in 2015, he had just come out of a long-term relationship, was thrust into totally new surroundings and was faced with the task of completely readjusting his life. The incoming identity crisis is quickly reminted by the bedroom-producing musician into a kick-start to his career: with only guitar, a midi controller and a borrowed MacBook, he writes the first EP “Some Day”, which will then take years to be released. In 2021, time was apparently ripe. The success his newly recorded material attracts exceeds his wildest expectations and immediately shows just how much potential this songwriter and autodidact harbours. Effortlessly, he mixes funk and soul, house beats and faded jangle pop, rap and gospel, blues and jazz into a strangely colourful bouquet full of inspiration, which he sucks up but also passes around. His new album “Slingshot” (2022) fully celebrates this impetus and establishes JayWood as one of the most versatile newcomers of the year.

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