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Music / Indie, Pop / Hanover, Germany

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A colorful shimmer, a slappy bass, a touch of la dolce vita lifted straight from the 80s and before you know it, summer’s here – Jeremias have made German speaking funk a thing, thinking smarter not harder. Their debut album "Golden Hour" was released at the beginning of this year’s somewhat strange summer, which has us carefully hopeful after whatever mess happened last year. The world is ready for vacation it seems, for excitement and distraction, and for a bit of unconditional love on its way to better times. And when band founder Jeremias Heimbach lets his crooning vocals flow over the disco-esque shimmering "Nie Ankommen" ("Never Arrive"), those better times will feel like they’re here – like the time is ripe. Euphorically relaxed, the four from Hanover have rediscovered a celebration for life, which sometimes sounds like Clueso in the midst of a jam-session with Jamiroquai, but with a unique vibe and guaranteed danceability for all those who haven’t yet forgotten how to look ahead.

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