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First, the debut album made heads turn all over the German-speaking world, followed by sold-out venues and open airs with thousands of fans, and finally support for greats like Cro - Jeremias have achieved what only very few bands manage to do at such speed today. In the last few years, the quartet from Hanover has become a new authority in German indie pop, capturing the attitude to life of Gen Z with all its longings, fears, and hopes in mercilessly rousing songs. From the wanderlust hymn "nie ankommen" to soulfully reduced ballads à la "Grüne Augen lügen nicht" to the piano love letter "Julia", the song spectrum of this band lights up in a hundred facets. With their single "Unique" and their new live programme, which they will present for the first time at this year's Reeperbahn Festival in the Elbphilharmonie, Jeremias prove that they are not afraid of inspiration and are constantly developing. Modern poetry meets songwriting that encourages reflection on one's own life as well as unconditional indulgence and hope.

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