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Joel Havea Trio

Music Indie, Pop Australia

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During the past years Joel Havea has gigged quite a lot: 450 concerts on four continents in 13 countries since 2012 for the Australian. Born in Tonga and grown up in Melbourne, From early on Joel was an integral part of the vitally plural music scene in Australia's capital of culture. His roots re-appear in his light and carefree approach to making music. His style is very versatile, drawing inspiration from different musical directions like soul and pop, blues, roots and reggae, combined with the ease and sunny mood of his homeland. But some years ago he turned his back on Australia to relocate to Hamburg. It is here where he took up Leo Lazar (drums, vocals) and Arnd Geise (bass, vocals)as other members to form his trio. This year the three produced the album "Setting Sail“ (Tunetastic Records). It contains a bunch of charming heart-warming songs. At Joel Havea's concerts good vibes are guaranteed.

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