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Joey Bargeld

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Hamburg, Germany

Some consider him a German DMX, others hail him as the country's hottest trap export. Maybe there's truth to both. The first three EPs from Joey Bargeld—the surname translates to Cash—do sound like something straight from a housing project in New York or Chicago. Laconic raps and husky shouts that stick to the brain, pumping beats that make the whip bounce, and urban nihilism in lyrical form: Bargeld's music is a product of his time and generation, but he doesn't chase cred to the point of taking himself too seriously.

Blunt and unpolished, the musician has clearly impressed German rapper-singer Trettmann, who toured the country with him extensively last year. At the Reeperbahn Festival, Joey will show us how all that experience has honed his live skills.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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Currently the band is looking for the following representation:

  • Booking: Cantona Entertainment / worldwide

  • Label: Wardenclyffe Records, Kame Entertainment GmbH/ worldwide

  • Management: Kame Entertainment / worldwide

  • Publishing: Bantunote / BMG RM


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