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Johannes Motschmann Trio

Music / Contemporary, Electronic/Live / Germany

Presented by: Neue Meister

Electronic music played live on stage with instruments—that is the simple, yet ambitious vision Johannes Motschmann, Boris Bolles, and David Panzl have been pursuing since 2016. The trio's sound is shaped by the Wurlitzer piano from their old student dorm as well as mythical analog synthesizers such as the Moog Prodigy and the Korg MS-20.

That sound oscillates between parts that are positively orchestral and subtle key sounds that meet hard, polyrhythmic beats and ethereally droning ambient. Classical composition meets the modern range of sound. This new, carefully crafted style makes various tensions audible and tangible, and its vibrations enter through the ears to electrify the mind-body interface. Electric Fields, their debut, allows listeners to go deep and get high at the same time.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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