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John Metcalfe

Music Classical United Kingdom

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John Metcalfe’s began his musical career with the post-punk band The Durutti Column. In the 80ies they were among the most popular bands in Manchester and they released their records on the Factory label. Metcalfe convinced Tony Wilson, the Factory boss, to establish a slightly different, classical label.

Factory Classical emerged and they specialized in unearthing thrilling and unconventional British artists. Here Metcalfe found his artistic home and the music group which should form his musical career: The Duke Quartet. For almost 30 years now this innovative quartet has been among the avantgarde of contemporary British music. As solo artist Metcalfe sounds out electro-classical soundscapes and the boundaries between genres. “Absence” is already the fifth album that John Metcalfe releases under his own name.

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