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Josephin Bovién

Music / R'n'B/Soul / Aarhus, Denmark

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There aren't many 18-year-old musicians who decide to use their debut album to condense the bedroom esthetics of the SoundCloud generation into experimental R&B with a personal twist. Actually, there aren't many 18-year-olds who release albums in the first place. But last year, Josephin Bovién's "Caramel Babe" proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she knows what she's doing and can't even help but produce irresistible beats.

The Danish singer complements her soulful timbre with deep, pulsating rhythms, on which dreamy samples dance in dapples of sunlight. Songs released this year, such as "Fuel" and the velvety, groovy duo of singles "The Right People / Know That Woman," create a sensual atmosphere full of warmth and potential for goosebumps. Nordic noir? Future soul? However you want to label it: Bovién sounds like nobody else, and she's bringing her new material to Hamburg.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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